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ALERT!  These items have been reported stolen by The Guitar Registry members.

ALERT Issued!
Relevant Theft Details
It was stolen Saturday, October 8th, 2022, while camping at a music festival in Pittsboro, NC. Keeping it in a tent was risky. but, festival campfire jams over years are part of the magic.

The Chatham police have been notified, and I will file a report this Saturday.
Have you filed a police report?
Acoustic Guitar
The guitar is a mini black Martin&Co (and soft case), purchased around 2005. I also had this same guitar repaired at Carrboro Music Loft, NC some years later. There's a small nick/hole at the lower bout curve of the guitar, where I've had it repaired. Also had a rainbow strap, and stickers on the back and the head.

Case: Original soft case, zip-up case. I had stitched four patches, one rectangular Spain flag at the top of neck, two circulars, and one banana-shaped patch.
Really hoping to find and get/buy my guitar back!

Greatly appreciated,
Kristen Viera
Martin & Co
Little Martin (LX)
around 2005
Very Good
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looking for this!
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Kristen Viera
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