Guitar for Hearts

Our Way of Giving Back and Paying Forward

Give Back

Give the Gift of Music

Musical Instruments are the lifeblood of our mission.

If you have an unused musical instrument of any type, donate to Guitar’s for Hearts and we’ll make sure it is used to provide instruments to kids who may not otherwise be able to afford them.

Guitar For Hearts

Professional Appraisal

As tempting as it may be to donate your precious gear to an organization such as Goodwill or (Blank), DON’T DO IT!!! These corporations will not fully and professionally appraise your equipment, leaving you vulnerable to low-balling and less than desirable appraisals. Your gear will inevitably wind up back at a guitar store or with a seller that knows the real value of the item.

Cut out the middlemen and have your gear appraised professionally by the Guitar Registry, and get what your item is truly worth! Instruments were made to make music, not sitting in a thrift store collecting dust! 


Why Give?

Guitar For Hearts is a registered 501-3C non-profit organization within the state of GA, meaning that the donations go directly to charities.

Besides helping those that are less fortunate, it also allows your donations to be written off as tax deductions when filing.

Donations will be given a receipt, as not all items are able to be donated. This includes speaker cabinets, PA systems, and bulky guitar amps. However, guitars/pedals/small amps will be accepted in any condition.

Please call us first at 770-433-1891 to check if your gear is capable of being donated.

More information is avaiable on our Guitar for Hearts website (will open in a new window).

Our Initial Gifts

Frank Lombardo

The first gift that we will be giving out will be in the honor of Frank Lombardo, a fine local player who passed away in 2020, and is missed by his family and friends.

Frank was a customer of the store and I knew him roughly 15 years and he was such a great guy and a fine guitar player who took his art, his playing very seriously and loved to play with his friends and even folks he had just met at a blues open mike jam!


Make a Difference

Help a fellow artist, musician, music lover today! By donating your gear, you are giving someone a chance to follow their musical passion. If you donate in memory of a personal loved one, we will even make out the donation in their honor to the recipient. You will even receive a picture of them and your generous donation!