Who We Are –
          About the Guitar Registry

Who We Are

The Registry is sponsored by Atlanta Vintage Guitars in Marietta, Georga, one of America’s oldest Guitar shops.

Our goal is to help musicians protect their gear with safe and secure cloud space to digitally store your gear. And, if any guitars, instruments or gear gets stolen, we can provide a higher chance of getting your gear back quicker with our Rapid Stolen Gear Network™.

Our Mission

To put it simply, we are about helping musicians protect their gear with a safe and secure digital cloud space.

Having been victims of theft, we pose this question to you. What happens if any of your guitars, instruments, or gear gets stolen?

Almost like if you came home to the fire department at your house, but arrived just in time to save only the chimney? Do you have pictures and serial numbers of your prized guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos, amps, and effects?

Not everyone does!

I personally had a close friend of mine who had over 34 guitars and 7 amps stolen right from his own home! After the theft, he decided to create a list of all the missing gear. And voila! That idea became the cornerstone of what is now the Guitar Registry!

By becoming a subscriber to the Guitar Registry, you’re not only helping a small brick and mortar business stay alive, but you’re also directly supporting an establishment for real players and average joes alike to find the quality, affordable gear of their dreams. We have been in the Atlanta area for over 30+ years, and pride ourselves on being an honest business that you can come to for professional advice and appraisals.

Too many times have we seen individuals or their families taken advantage of when it comes to fair pricing and evaluation of their instruments. If someone had a sudden passing, would there family even know what the real value of their equipment would be?

Who would they trust to guide them on this?

Here at the Guitar Registry, a branch off of Atlanta Vintage Guitars, we guarantee that such trust can be placed on us. While others would move in, underpaying to make a quick buck; we would ensure that you know the real worth of your instruments, and are getting a FAIR PRICE for them, not just A PRICE.

Once you subscribe, we provide a template for you to upload info and pictures of your collection in a safe and secure manner. We will then appraise your instruments at the proper market value and send it to one of largest insurance companies for musical instruments to prepare a quote for 24-hour coverage.

Whether your instrument is stolen, lost, or ran over by the drummer getting to the stage for his loadout, we’ve got you covered! We utilize our lifetime of gear knowledge and experience, combined with The Guitar Registry platform, to bring you the best value for your instruments.

Also, the Rapid Stolen Gear Network™ will allow us to get the word out about stolen or missing instruments. We ourselves have been victims of theft and have utilized this system to recover our beloved gear.

Now is the time to be prepared!

Being connected to our registry and charity 501-3c will additionally provide tax deduction services and more.

Lets bring our community together! Join today!

Benefits of Membership

Signing up for the Guitar Registry will be one of the smartest decisions you’ve made! With numerous benefits, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t sign up sooner! Whether its protecting your collection information or getting proper appraisals to know the full value of your gear, the Guitar Registry is unlike any other instrument registry out there.

Join today with just the click of a button!

An Expert Appraisal ensures that your gear collection is correctly valued so you are never swindled again!

Your Wallet in Mind

The cost for a year long subscription is less than that amp you bought a month ago that is now collecting dust in your storage.

Sign up Today!

Detailed Catalogue

You will not only have pictures and serial numbers associated with your individual items to easily identify them, but you will also be able to receive insurance quotes from some of the biggest instruments insurers in the biz.

Never worry again with our 24-hour coverage!

Cloud Storage

Be it fire, burglary, or zombie invasion; never lose a night’s sleep knowing that your gear info is saved safely in our cloud storage, readily accessible when you need it!

We will treat you like family – In the advent that tragedy strikes, the Guitar Registry will work closely with your loved ones to guarantee your collection is sold at it’s actual market value, even if its by us!

Keeping Gear Safe

Helping musicians protect, appraise, and in some cases, recover instruments.